Anxiety and Addiction: Do Drug Addicts Use to Self-Medicate?

There’s no denying the relationship between anxiety and addiction. In fact, many drug users begin abusing substances to deal with feelings, co-occurring disorders, and underlying conditions. It’s common for people to engage in drug abuse as a form of “self-medication” but this can all too easily lead to dangerous consequences like drug addiction.

Understanding Anxiety and Addiction

Anxiety and addiction can go hand in hand, especially when a drug addict abuses substances as a way to cope with problems. People who struggle with drug addiction often suffer from underlying conditions, like anxiety, depression, and/or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as well.

Dangers of Self-Medicating with Drugs

Turning to substances as a form of “self-medication” can be extremely dangerous, not only because it can lead to an addiction to drugs but also because it can result in delayed treatment for underlying issues, risky drug interactions, improper dosage, and even overdose.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Anxiety and Addiction

If anxiety is an underlying condition, then it’s important to not only treat the addiction to help the addict but also treat the anxiety. There are a number of ways to treat underlying conditions like anxiety, including with individual counseling sessions, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, support groups, medications, etc. When the underlying problems of addiction are addressed, healing can truly begin.

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