What Does It Mean to Be Free from Addiction?

If you’ve ever dealt with an alcohol or drug addiction, then you understand the painful desire to be free from addiction. The disease of addiction can leave anybody feeling trapped and empty inside. So how do addicts break free from the chains of addiction to live in the freedom of sobriety?

Being Free from Addiction

In order to be free from addiction, addicts and alcoholics must seek help. The reality is that addiction will not go away on its own. Like any other medical condition, addiction requires continual treatment in order for recovery to be maintained. Treatment can begin with medical detoxification and inpatient rehabilitation but it can also include and/or extend to outpatient therapy, sober living, 12 Step Programs, support groups, and additional therapeutic practices.

Being free from addiction can refer to when an addict has regained the power of choice. Addiction prevents the addict from having a choice because their incessant desire to use drugs. They become obsessive and compulsive with their drug use in spite of any consequences that may have occurred. Suffering from medical problems, worsening a mental health condition, and/or struggling with finances as a result of drug use is not enough to get an addict to stop using drugs because of the lack of having the power choice.

While there is no cure for addiction, treatment can be provided. Treatment is critical for addicts because it helps them get weaned off all substances and learn how to live in recovery. Living in recovery allows addicts to be free from addiction because it shows them that there is a better way to live – and it’s in sobriety. In recovery, addicts learn healthier ways of managing and dealing with problems in their lives. They learn how to work on themselves and support others. Ultimately, sobriety lets addicts become better versions of themselves because they get to take away the drugs and face the real issues in their lives.

Recovering from addiction isn’t easy, and it does take hard work. However, it’s completely worth it if an addict can be free from addiction. While recovery can provide a newfound freedom, it is not intended as a quick fix or cure. Sobriety must be maintained and in order to do this, individuals in recovery must continually work on themselves and their program of recovery.

Recovering from Addiction at an Inpatient Rehab Center

If you’ve been feeling stuck in your alcohol and/or drug addiction, then make now the time that you call for help to free yourself from addiction.

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