12 Step Recovery: Online AA Meetings & Online NA Meetings

Looking for online AA meetings and online NA meetings to enhance your 12 Step recovery program? If you are fortunate enough to live in an area like South Florida, then chances are you’re able to attend a local AA or NA meeting every day, which you may prefer.


However, some people live in different parts of the country, which is why online AA meetings and online NA meetings might be more preferable. After all, meeting times and locations might be a little more limited in some areas. Or, maybe you can only get to a few meetings a week and really want more, or maybe you are going through a trial in your life and you really can’t get to a meeting. What can you do? Fear not, where there is willingness, there is a way.

Online AA meetings and online NA meetings have started to grow in popularity for this very reason. This does not mean you should replace all your meeting attendance online, but it can at least help keep you connected in between your actual meetings. Check out this list  of online AA meetings and online NA meetings that you might enjoy.

Online AA Meetings & NA Meetings

In The Rooms

intherooms.org (multiple 12-step program meetings)

In The Rooms is a large community of online 12-step members which include online AA meetings as well as NA. They are not affiliated with any 12-step program, but merely host a place for members to connect. Much like what club houses are to actual 12 step meetings.

AA Intergroup


AA Intergroup is affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous and has a list of online AA meetings. It also provides other resources for AA members, including information about their monthly magazine, Grapevine.

AA Speakers Online

xa-speaker.org is a great resource if you are interested in listening to speakers from around the world online.

NA Online Meeting

na-recovery.org is not affiliated with Narcotics Anonymous but does host a platform to help NA members connect online for extra support.

Online Support

Whether you can make it to a meeting every day or every week, having extra support from online AA meetings and NA meetings can be helpful. Just remember, as with any engagement online, practice discretion when sharing any personal information.

Your recovery is important to us and we want to be part of your support circle.

Do you know of any online AA meeting and NA meetings that aren’t listed here? Let us know in the comments below!

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