Understanding Addiction Recovery: What to Expect in Early Sobriety

Getting an understanding of addiction recovery can be just as important as learning about the disease of addiction. The reality is that recovering from addiction may bring up all types of emotions, challenges, and internal thoughts, which is why it is helpful to prepare yourself for the journey ahead when you’re beginning your recovery. Understanding […]

What Does It Mean to Be Free from Addiction?

If you’ve ever dealt with an alcohol or drug addiction, then you understand the painful desire to be free from addiction. The disease of addiction can leave anybody feeling trapped and empty inside. So how do addicts break free from the chains of addiction to live in the freedom of sobriety? Being Free from Addiction […]

Anxiety and Addiction: Do Drug Addicts Use to Self-Medicate?

There’s no denying the relationship between anxiety and addiction. In fact, many drug users begin abusing substances to deal with feelings, co-occurring disorders, and underlying conditions. It’s common for people to engage in drug abuse as a form of “self-medication” but this can all too easily lead to dangerous consequences like drug addiction. Understanding Anxiety […]

Is Drug Addiction a Disease or a Crime?

Whether or not you are aware of the drug epidemic in the nation, you may still find yourself wondering, “Is drug addiction a disease? Is addiction a choice? Or is it just a crime?” The nation certainly has continued to treat addiction as a crime, but just because it is treated that way doesn’t mean […]