Understanding Addiction Recovery: What to Expect in Early Sobriety

Getting an understanding of addiction recovery can be just as important as learning about the disease of addiction. The reality is that recovering from addiction may bring up all types of emotions, challenges, and internal thoughts, which is why it is helpful to prepare yourself for the journey ahead when you’re beginning your recovery.

Understanding Addiction Recovery

Recovering from an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol isn’t always smooth-sailing. There are bound to be challenges and opportunities that come up. While some people in addiction recovery may have been able to get sober and stay sober after seeking treatment for the first time at a rehab center, others may relapse or stray away from their program of recovery before they are able to truly reap the benefits of sobriety.

Relapse is unfortunately common and while it does happen to a large percentage of addicts in recovery, it doesn’t always have to. If you remain committed to working a program of recovery, continue to seek support, listen to addiction professionals, and become willing to take suggestions from others in recovery from addiction, then you are likely to keep on the right path and hold onto your sobriety long-term.

What Can I Expect in Early Sobriety?

While recovery can provide a newfound freedom, it can also be difficult. There may be times when you want to cave in and revert back to using drugs or alcohol. You may find yourself feeling sad, angry, or frustrated. Though these feelings may be unpleasant, it is completely possible to work through them with healthier coping mechanisms. For example, you may want to talk to an addiction professional, sponsor, sober support, or trusted friend. You could also go for a walk, exercise, paint, or distract yourself in some way.

It’s also helpful to know that no matter what situation you are in or what you are experiencing during early recovery, it always gets better. The negative emotions you may be feeling won’t last forever. You won’t be in rehab forever, and you won’t be in sober living forever. It’s all temporary, and you can regain privileges back that you may have become accustomed to. In order to move forward, you need to be exactly where you are, and there should be no shame in that. Life in recovery does get better and you will get to experience more of it as you move along in your recovery.

These are just a few aspects of what you can expect when you’re early in your addiction recovery, but it’s also critical to recognize that everybody’s journey is their own. You may have one experience, but the person next to you may have other difficulties and lessons come their way. Appreciate your journey in sobriety as your own, and above all, keep moving forward and don’t pick back up – no matter what!

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