What Is Trazodone and Can You Become Addicted?

If you’ve heard about Trazodone, you might wonder, “What is Trazodone exactly?” and “Can you get addicted to Trazodone?” Knowing the facts about any medication, including Trazodone, is important because it can help prevent and raise awareness about misuse.

What Is Trazodone?

So, what is Trazodone exactly? Trazodone medication is a prescription drug used to treat depression. It is classified as both an antidepressant and sedative. The medication may be prescribed by the doctor to address conditions and side effects such as insomnia and anxiety. When taken as prescribed by a doctor, Trazodone can help with changes in mood and appetite.
While Trazodone is approved as an antidepressant, there are several off-label uses for the medication as well. In addition to insomnia, these off-label uses also include anxiety, alcohol withdrawal, and certain mental health conditions like schizophrenia.

Understanding Trazodone Addiction

Trazodone is considered a “non-addictive” medication with low risk for abuse, but very high doses could potentially lead to hallucinations, depressant effects, and/or mild physical dependence. When it comes to addiction, the reality is that an addict can become addicted to any drug. If medications are taken without being prescribed by a doctor or in any other way than prescribed, the abuse could lead to addiction. The same is the case with Trazodone and Trazodone addiction.

Treatment for Drug Addiction

While Trazodone and other medications can be abused and lead to addiction, there is viable treatment available. It’s not unusual for addicts who abuse Trazodone to abuse other drugs either initially or eventually. Some people may even begin abusing Trazodone until they find other drugs they prefer or until they are led right back to their drug of choice. Whether for Trazodone addiction or polydrug abuse, a medical detox may be necessary if the individual is physically dependent on any substance. In addition to a medical detox, an inpatient rehab program may be necessary to address the underlying causes of addiction and introduce the individual into a new way of life in sobriety.

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